Spicer Brothers Woodworking was founded in 2012 by Jamie and Patrick Spicer, two brothers trying to expand their hobby and wood shop by selling a few items.  We started out before that just making stuff that we needed or thought would be fun and the occasional gifts!  Our first local market was Cooper Young Festival 2014 in Memphis, TN.  We had a great showing and have been doing local markets in the Mid-South ever since.  In 2016 we got big news and were invited to show our stuff in a local Memphis shop called Bingham and Board!  

We are both self taught woodworkers, we grew up in a big family and our dad was a DIY kinda guy and taught us a lot the basics as kids.  We built houses and did several remodeling jobs on our parents house growing up.  Then in 2011, I (Patrick) went to get my first apartment and didn't have any furniture, so i thought i could make a couple things.  First project was a coffee table and then is was down hill from there, I built most of the furniture, including a Pub table, headboard, bed frame, night stands and a dresser!  While all that was going on i was watching youtube videos and reading blogs to learn as much as i could and stumbled upon woodturning and just thought is was the neatest thing.  I saw it as a way to make art instead of just functional pieces.  So i saved up my money and bought all the stuff required to start turning wood.  Then i got my brother involved and it took off from there, making cutting boards, serving boards, furniture, bowls, pens, and anything else we could think of.  We grew our skill over a couple of years and then with a lot of urging from out friends and family we decided to start selling in 2013.

Jamie and I are the oldest and youngest of 5 kids, Jamie is 11 years older then Patrick and they've always done stuff together, worked on projects, played sports, and compete in BBQ contests.  They wouldn't want to own a business or work with anyone else!




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